I Want To Get Fit, But I Hate Exercising: 5 Ways To Get Fit That Aren’t Your High School P.E. Class

So you’ve started your journey to fitness and when your friends see results they come at you like you’re Obi Wan Kenobi; you’re their only hope. All too often we hear our friends say, “I want to get fit, but I hate exercising.” But exercise is a word that carries the stigma of push-ups in high school P.E. or running endlessly on the treadmill with nothing to pass the time other than worrying about what’s really happening to Jon Snow. This is no longer the case. If your friends have not checked into fitness in the past few years, they would be surprised to find the plethora of options that now face them. From the primadonna to the Sarah Conner wanna-be, there is an exercise plan for everyone.


1. Ballet-dancer_01You’re no Black Swan but you can be in Barre. Barre does not stop at pliĆ©s and pirouettes. Barre promises to give the exerciser a full body workout in strength, agility, and even cardio. Long lean muscles are the focus of small movements with the assistance of a barre: that long wooden railing Lucy Ricardo got herself tangled up in all those years ago. Graceful movements offer the promise of burning calories with results in just a few weeks. This is the class where you will feel the burn and fulfill those ballerina dreams your parents never offered you.


2. Spin_Cycle_Indoor_Cycling_Class_at_a_Gym Ever wonder what people are talking about when they say they went to Spin Class? No, they are not actually spinning around, they are indoor cycling. More than a stationary bike, Spin bikes offer tension and variety with the turn of a dial. Add to this a pumped soundtrack and good instructor to guide you through levels of intensity and you’ve got the recipe for 400-600 calories burned in a 40 minute session. Its all the fun of bicycling and group fitness without having to call out, “On your left!!”

3. 4067992882_bb6ba38892_o Les Mills BodyCombat can teach you to kick some serious assumptions about exercise. This group fitness class is filled with high intensity combat moves to what could be the soundtrack of the next Avengers movie. Moves are based on poses and skills from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kung Fu and more but is also beginner friendly. Love the bad assery of Sarah Conner or Black Widow? You just might walk out of BodyCombat feeling like you could take one of them. Both of them if you can master the side kick!

4. 3611522743_ff6ce3b0fd_o So you’re a dancer? Nobody puts Baby in the corner in Zumba. Heavy with Latin rhythm and worldly flair Zumba will make you want to move your hips in ways you never thought possible. Getting lost in the music and learning to salsa, merengue, and cha cha can reportedly burn up to 1000 calories an hour depending on your weight and fitness level. It is not uncommon to hear songs outside of Zumba class and suddenly want to bust a move. Don’t be ashamed. Your Zumba classmates know. Also, Zumba now comes in a variety of formats including Step, Toning, Gold, and even Aqua.

5. Sandra Bullock eat your heart out with the anti gravity class that is all the rage. AirBarre is the newest fitness fad on the horizon and it is out of this world. Suspended in hammocks that can hold up to 1000 lbs, exercisers can lose weight by essentially flying. Created by a former Broadway dancer, AirBarre promises to tone muscles not easily accessed while carrying your own weight. In a balance of dance and ballet, AirBarre is an aerial fitness program that is sure to keep your interest.

The next time someone turns to you to tell you they want to work out but don’t feel like doing push-ups, turn them on to some of these newest options and show them the ways of the fitness force.